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European Health Economics Association

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The 2016 conference of the European Health Economics Association took place in Hamburg in July 2016 (website here, contains program with abstracts of papers presented).

It was a great conference, organised by an excellent team lead by Jonas Schreyoegg.

It was also the end of my term as President of the European Health Economics Association. The new President is Andrew Jones (University of York), and the Assembly of Delegates voted for Lise Rochaix (Paris School of Economics) to be President-Elect (taking office in two years).

All current and past members of the Executive Committee of EuHEA and current and past members of the Assembly of Delegates were and are extremely helpful in building up EuHEA (an association of national associations and groups related to health economics). Thank you all for your efforts in the starting years of EuHEA.


Present, future and past presidents of EuhEA (July 2016)

Autor: Pedro Pita Barros, professor na Nova SBE

Professor de Economia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

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  1. Muito obrigado pela parte que me toca. 🙂

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